2 mei 2023 | Nieuws

De Horeca Academie Amsterdam groeit erg snel! Deze week is er weer een nieuwe docent begonnen. Mary Kosta geeft vanaf nu de Professional Chef Level 2 klas in Amsterdam op vrijdag.

Mary is net vanuit Canada verhuisd naar Nederland en brengt veel ervaring met zich mee. Hieronder stelt ze zich aan jullie voor:

Food is the catalyst for creating relationships, friendships and memorable experiences; that is the reason that pushed me to cook and become a Chef.

I come from a family line of restauranteurs and hoteliers, and inevitably, I also chose to study and work in the hospitality and tourism industry. Having lived abroad for most of my life, I currently call the Netherlands my home.

After closing my bakery in Greece, I became a cooking school coordinator and with some professional development, I became a college educator in Canada. Most of my time is devoted to my daughter but when I have a moment for myself I explore sustainable food studies, research ingrediënts and I love to develop and re-vamp old recipes.
In the last decade, I became passionate about vegan and vegetarian cooking and continue to be intrigued and study it.
I have been teaching for over 8 years and the education field is what satisfies me the most.

Why? Because we never stop learning!

Some of my hobbies are reading, crafting and gardening but I also enjoy and appreciate long walks in nature. But, the reality is …I can talk about food all day – it’s my guilty pleasure.
To conclude, I hope that I can inspire students to become the better version of what they wish to achieve and I look forward to learning from them too. The world is a beautiful place; rich with culture and knowledge – I hope we can discover some of it together!