Professional Culinary Course

The Professional Culinary Course is an in-depth programme were you learn the fundamental culinary techniques. This course is for everyone who loves to cook.  So if you want to pursue with the basic cooking techniques and skills, follow the full Summer School programme. This course is completely in English.


Direct inschrijven
Max 14 attendees
€2.000,- (€450,- 1 module)
6 weeks Summer School

Professional culinary course 

During this course you will learn all the essential techniques and cooking skills and how to apply them in multiple dishes. This is a six week course. Classes are four days a week ( Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). You can follow the full programme, or select one or more weeks.

For whom? 

  • Anyone who loves to cook and wants to learn all the basic skills and techniques to make a variety of dishes.
  • For students who would like to start with the Professional Chefs level 2 programme in september and want to gain more experience in the professional kitchen.
  • Anyone who is currently following the Professional Chef programme and wants to improve their skills over the summer.

You do not need to have an apprenticeship to follow this Summer School course.

You receive a certificate of attendance after finishing this course.  The certificate contains the subjects that you succesfully attended.

The Horeca Academie treats you to lunch. At the end of each class you taste your self-made-dishes. You will learn how to taste and to give and receive feedback.

Who are the teachers? 
The Horeca Academie teachers of our chefs courses will teach the classes of the Summer School. They will be assigned to the classes according to their expertise. So every week there will be a different teacher. Some of them are assigned to more than one week.

A class consist of the following:

10:00 uur Weekly chat
10:15 uur: Products and tools
11:00 uur: Theory
12:00 uur: Practice techniques
13:00 uur: Lunch (you do not have to bring your own lunch, we will take care of your lunch)
13:45 uur: Making dishes (in pairs)
16:00 uur: Tasting and cleaning up
16:30 uur: Evaluate and looking forward to the next class

Programme Professional culinary course:

You can choose to follow just one week or two or three. For the best experience we advice you to follow the full six week programme, so you learn all the techniques. You have a class on: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Week 1: July  13 till July 17th 2020

  • Appetizers: vegetarian
  • Cutting techniques

Week 2: 2 July 20th till July 24th 2020

  • Main courses: Meat
  • Boning and dividing

Week 3: July 27th till July 31th 2020

  • Desserts: Ice cream
  • Ice cream, sorbet and granité

Week 4: August 3rd till August 7th 2020

  • Appetizers: Fish
  • Filleting and scrub

Week 5: August 10th till August 14th 2020

  • Main courses: Poultry
  • Boning and baking on karkas

Week 6: August 17th till August 21th 2020

  • Dessert: bavarois
  • Bavarois, pudding en gelatine preparations

What techniques are being covered?

  • Cutting skills
  • Boning and deviding of meat
  • Making ice cream
  • Filleting fish
  • Boning poultry
  • Making bavarois

In the classes you will learn more than just the techniques. You will make complete dishes. This means that a lot of other skills come at hand. For instance sauces, soups, broths and different preparations of vegetables and potato.


When you follow the full six weeks Summer school programme, the costs are €2000,- (€333,33 per week). You can choose not to follow the whole programme. When you follow one or more weeks you pay €450,- per week. During class you are required to wear Horeca Academie chef’s pants, chef’s jacket and apron. Total costs of this clothing package are €64,95.

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Deze opleiding wordt gegeven op de volgende locatie(s):

  • Horeca Academie Den Haag
  • Calender Professional culinary essentials course

    Choose how many modules (weeks) you want to attend. For the integralty of the programme we advise you to follow the complete course (six weeks).

    13 juli 2020
    Complete course (6 weeks)
    13 juli 2020
    Week 1- The Hague
    20 juli 2020
    Week 2- The Hague
    27 juli 2020
    Week 3- The Hague
    3 augustus 2020
    Week 4- The Hague
    10 augustus 2020
    Week 5- The Hague
    17 augustus 2020
    Week 6- The Hague

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