Professional Chef Expert

Dive deep into the Professional Chef Expert level.

The role of the Expert chef is to refresh and innovate. Whilst building upon previously accomplished culinary skills and techniques, you cultivate the qualifications asked of an independent working chef.

In the end truly understanding ’the why’ when it comes to edible creations.
Our mission is to provide you with a well-rounded perspective of the culinary field. You will follow hands-on classes at our academy.

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Max. 14 people
€ 4.950,- or €495,- per month
1 year
Branch Industry diploma

What does the curriculum contain?

This is the final stage of our intense Professional Chefs education and brings you to the Expert diploma recognised by the Hospitality industry.  You can follow the Profesional Chef Expert course when you have succesfully finished the Professional Chef Advanced course or when you have an official international Culinary Arts diploma and you have enough prior experience in a professional kitchen. During the Expert level you have practical classes once a week at the Horeca Academie. The rest of the time we recommend you to work in a professional kitchen.

At the Horeca Academie, all our courses have been developed in close collaboration with the industry. Our teachers are professionals from the industry. We are committed to innovation and stay on top of any new developments in the culinary industry. At the Horeca Academie our curriculum contains mainly a hands on and practical approach.

Core Concepts  

1 opening the doors to the restaurant kitchen  

2 connection through the power of food  

3 learning as a “real-life” assignment  


New concept
The Expert program is a new concept, with strong roots in both the Dutch vocational culinary curriculum as well as the internationally recognized culinary institutions which most adventurous students admire and know. The Professional Chef Expert curriculum will focus on understanding, investigation, experimentation, design, development and celebration of the creative processes that fuel innovative recipe development and food preparation in a myriad of professional culinary sectors.

Sustainable Development Goals
The Expert Chef portfolio will introduce and incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN into every aspect of the working kitchen environment. The SDG’s are a logical reflection of the social, environmental and economic issues directly related to a changing culinary industry.

As such the independent professional chef will navigate in a transformational world.


Module 1: The Laboratory of the senses (6 weeks)

Module 2: The Library of food Culture (6 weeks)

Deep dive curriculum: Meet me in the garden (3 weeks)

Module 3: The culinary landscape of the Lowlands (6 weeks)

Deep dive curriculum: Old school (3 weeks)

Deep dive curriculum: The climate of meat (3 weeks)

Exam ‘Proof of competence’

This new program is a full academic program and is organized over a ten month period. Classes are one day a week. Classes all vairy, but are all practical and ‘hands on’ in their own way: The test kitchen, Create and Ideate, Practicum, The food laboratory and field trips.

Knowledge and skills

Engagement in this program inspires learning about:

  • the science of food
  • the food heritage of Europe
  • understanding of the element of taste
  • and the influence of the senses
  • integration of local ingredients into daily cooking practices
  • sustainable processes

As a student, you will be introduced by your teacher to new tasks, knowledge, skills and concepts directly relevant to the culinary field.  Your teacher’s mission is to inspire you creatively and professionally throughout the educational program.

In conclusion, please note that participation in hands-on classes includes taking on the responsible role of a culinary professional in the kitchen. You and your classmates are practically speaking a kitchen brigade when at work in the Kitchen.

As a team, you will conclude the learning process of every day in class collectively and as a team. Every student carries equal responsibility within the team for cleaning the kitchen according to professional standards. You will also take particular care of all raw and prepared food products, according to proper food safety and HACCP guidelines.

Basic tasks and skills

At the outset of the Expert program, the new student is familiar with the basic concepts essential to the following kitchen-specific tasks and skills:

1. culinary planning

2. culinary preparations = mise en place

3. modification of recipes

4. preparation of dishes and all necessary components

5. execution of dishes for delivery/service

6. maintenance and cleaning of the culinary workplace according to HACCP standards

Furthermore, the core tasks related to kitchen inventory management play a meaningful role in the Expert Chef professional profile.


The independent professional chef:

  • orders and manages of necessary ingredients and supplies
  • receives and controls ingredients and supplies based on global safety guidelines
  • distributes and stores ingredients and supplies accurately
  • implements a sustainable kitchen inventory management system

The Professional Chef Expert program builds on the competencies integrated in the Dutch MBO-4 vocational college program, as related to international culinary college standards.

Upon completion of the program, the Expert Chef student is capable of putting the following activities directly into practice.

The student is proficient to:

1. Develop new dishes

2. Design and engineer menus

3. Improve efficiency and cost control

4. Support improvement of food quality

5. Work to protect biodiversity on a local and international level

6. Engage in the development of sustainable business practices

Key information

The full academic program is organized over a 10 month period includes: 

  • 3 core modules (each six weeks) 18 weeks
  • 3 culinary specialty deep dives (each 3 weeks) = 9 weeks 
  • 2 culinary proof of competence cooking challenges of 4 hours each = 2 weeks 

The complete program combined is 32 weeks 


€4950,- (payment plan € 495,- per month for 10 months) Diploma fees include: ingredients, uniform,  learning materials/books.

Classes: Approximately 6-8 hours (+/- 11:00-17:00)

Entry requirements:

Professional Chef Expert level is the follow up course of Professional Chef Advanced level. Admission requirements are that you have graduated the Advanced level course at the Horeca Academie or that you have an international Culinary Arts diploma. Next to that; a High school diploma or equivalent and Evidence of comprehension of English language. The intake process of the Horeca Academie contains a triallesson in wich the level of cooking and (if necessary) the level of English is measured. I addition to that a motivation interview must take place. working in an kitchen is advised but not mandatory. 

Visa requirements:

This program is a one year educational program. You work while you study. If you are not from Europe, you will need to apply for a visa. PLEASE NOTE: this cannot be a student visa, it must be a work & stay visa! The rules and regulations for visa are different for each country so you will need to apply for this yourself. Prior to applying for this educational program, it is necessary to hold a Dutch residence status. You can only apply for this education Program with a Dutch BSN number or Residence Permit ID.

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