Chefs Clinic

You have always had a love for cooking and want to improve your basic skills with our Chefs Clinic.

At the Horeca Academie, you can learn the basic techniques of the culinary profession and also get acquainted with the preparation of exceptional dishes.


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The Training

If you don’t just want to attend a regular cooking class but truly want to learn how to cook like a professional, then you should join our Chefs Clinic.

Due to other commitments, attending a full culinary program is too intensive for you, but you still want to learn the trade from experienced teachers who come from a practical background.
We recommend selecting at least one Basic Techniques clinic, as it will benefit you throughout all the other themes. During the Basic Techniques clinic, you will learn the Big 5, which includes:

    • Cutting techniques
    • Making broths
    • Filleting fish and deboning poultry
    • Making mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce
    • Making Culinary cream

    What does a typical clinic class look like?

    10:00 AM – Arrival with coffee and tea
    10:30 AM – Presentation, theoretical knowledge, and recipe review
    10:45 AM – Let’s start cooking!
    1:00   PM – Lunch
    2:00   PM – Let’s continue cooking!
    4:00   PM – Cleanup and wrap-up
    5:00   PM – End of the day

Registration and Choosing Classes

During registration, you can indicate which classes you would like to attend. You have the freedom to customize your own Clinic package according to your preferences. However, it is important to complete the Clinics within one year. We schedule a clinic in Amsterdam on Saturdays. Please note that the maximum number of participants is 12.

  • If we receive more than 12 registrations for a class, we will remove it from the website. This means that classes listed in the brochures may no longer appear on the website calendar or registration form because they are already full. You can check the calendar for the upcoming classes. Because we just started our English Clinic, we have only planned 10 classes. Depending on the number of applicants, we will elaborate our program with more options.


    Our Chefs Clinic is exempt from VAT. You pay for the number of classes you want to attend:

  • 1 Class €180,-
    5 Classes €900,-
    10 Classes €1,600,-
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    You can indicate on the application form of the Clinic the dates on which you would like to attend the classes.

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    Chefs Clinic

    These Clinics take place at our location in Amsterdam on Saturdays.

    18 mei 2024
    15 juni 2024
    Vegan Vegetairian

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