Food and cooking are central in life, both essential elements to communication, as a profoundly human form of expression. Food brings nature into our homes, it is an aesthetic that is part of every living being’s daily life.
I call cooking practical art, because it is a combination of function with beauty.

I call myself a gatherer of ingredients, because cooking every way, shape and form is at the focus of my profession and my life.
I study, research and write about food; I am extremely interested in food history and history through food; I create concepts, recipes and write a primarily Italian oriented food blog; i photograph and am most fascinated with still life compositions of raw ingredients. I am a professional chef and culinary teacher, with a specialty in Italian regional foods. That being said, I am fascinated with all culinary traditions.

Above all else, I believe in the power of food and its capacity to connect people, no matter which country of origin or cultural background.

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